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Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Did you move to accept a new position or start a business? If your new home is 40 km closer to your current employment, you are eligible to claim moving expenses. Some exceptions apply, see us for details!

Students can also qualify when you move to study, but you must have taxable income from scholarships or bursaries.

Qualifying expenses include:

· Transportation and storage for household items, including boats and trailers.

· Travel expenses including mileage, meals, and accommodation to move you and your family to your new home.

· Temporary living expenses, but only up to 15 days, for meals and temporary lodging near the old and the new home.

· Cost of cancelling the lease if you rented.

· Cost to maintain your old home when vacant to a maximum of $5,000 after you moved and during a time when reasonable efforts were made to sell the home.

· Cost of selling your old home including advertising, legal fees, real estate commission, mortgage penalty.

· Cost of buying your new home if you sold a home to move. Expenses include legal fees and land transfer tax.

· Incidental costs related to your move including changing your address on legal documents, replacing drivers licences, utility hook-ups and disconnections.

Come in and see us to determine if you qualify for this credit.
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