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Amount for an eligible dependent

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

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Please keep in mind that with non-refundable tax credits, you must have taxable income to benefit from them. For example if your income is only $13,000 for the year, then this credit is of no benefit to you.

To qualify for this credit you must not have a spouse or common-law partner, but are supporting a dependent in a home you maintained.

When do you qualify?

  1. Your parent or grandparent.

  2. Your child, grandchild, brother or sister under the age of 18.

  3. Your child, grandchild, brother or sister over 18 but with an impairment in physical or mental functions.

Even if all the conditions above are met, you cannot claim this credit if:

  1. Someone else is claiming it for the same person.

  2. You are their spouse (there is a different credit available).

  3. You had to make support payments for this person in the year. However, there are exceptions for the third point if you separated from your spouse in the year. Please see us for more details!

Come in and see us to determine if you qualify for this credit.
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